VOLVO PENTA Reliability is key. Wherever your operation exists, Volvo Penta is there to provide
dependable power. As an independent engine provider pertaining to the global Volvo Group service
network, we can add comprehensive solutions that will bring peace of mind to your power needs.
Our engines for power generation applications are built to be reliable and durable, engineered to
satisfy the most demanding of challenges, no matter if the need calls for standby or prime power.

With Volvo Penta engines for standby power, you’ll benefit from reliable startability and
dependable backup high-effect power wherever and whenever you need it.

Volvo Penta prime power engines supply constant, dependable power for your operation. Excelling in durability and reliability, you can rest assured that your business will be running at full capacity.

The Volvo Penta engine range has been engineered to suit a wide range of needs. Our power generation engines are built to withstand challenging environments and cater to any standby or prime power needs. In fact, all our engines are just as suited for both –enabling a minimization of total purchase costs and need for storage space and warehousing, since one single engine can cover both tasks whenever needed.

The Volvo Penta engine range is a result of over 100 years of experience and innovation. As part of the Volvo Group, we benefit from the collective engineering expertise of the entire group, which translates into innovative as well as tried and tested technology, engines that really make a difference. For our power generation engines, durability and reliability – together with world-class fuel economy and worldwide support – are the common denominators. Volvo Penta provides the necessary power, wherever and whenever you need it.

Genuine Volvo Penta Parts are manufactured to the same rigorous specifications as the factory-fitted Parts used when your engine was built. Their precise fit ensures all components work togetherperfectly. With the right parts built to the right specifications, the engine’s fuel efficiency is maintained to keep fuel costs and emissions down. By using Genuine Volvo Penta Parts, you ensure continuous high and reliable performance, ultimately leading to maximum uptime and productivity.


 Exact tolerance and the right specifications for the engine
 Optimum performance, reliability and service life
 Updated with latest technical changes
 Perfect fit for quicker service and reliability
 Maintain optimal fuel-efficiency
 Covered by Volvo Penta 12-month standard warranty, or 24 months when fitted by an authorized Volvo Penta dealer

Our range of Genuine Volvo Penta Maintenance Parts have all been engineered and thoroughly tested to meet the high Volvo Penta standards to provide maximum reliability, performance and protection for your engine.

Genset Model Engine Model Generator Output Engine No Of Cylinders Aspiration Governor Engine Displacement (liters) Rated Current (AMPS) In-Built Fuel Tank Capacity (liters) Acoustic Enclosure Dimensions (L X W X H)(mm) Approx. Weight (Kgs)
PKGVPII-250 TAD754GE 250 200 295 6 in line TC Electronic / Class G3 7.15 348 500 4000 X 1600 X 2100 3800
PKGVPII-320 TAD1351GE 320 256 373 6 in line TC Electronic / Class G3 12.78 445 990 5000 X 1910 X 2470 5200
PKGVPII-380 TAD1354GE 380 304 445 6 in line TC Electronic / Class G3 12.78 529 990 5400 X 1910 X 2470 6100
PKGVPII-400 TAD1355GE 400 320 479 6 in line TC Electronic / Class G3 12.78 556 990 5400 X 1910 X 2470 6200
PKGVPII-500 TAD1651GE 500 400 585 6 in line TC Electronic / Class G3 16.12 696 990 5400 X 1910 X 2470 6400
PKGVPII-600 TWD1652GE 600 480 687 6 in line TC Electronic / Class G3 16.12 835 990 5600 X 1910 X 3440 6650
PKGVPII-650 TWD1653GE 650 520 744 6 in line TC Electronic / Class G3 16.12 904 990 5600 X 1910 X 3440 6790